Overnight Accommodations

All boarding rates include bedding, fresh water and constant maid service with multiple outdoor individual potty breaks.  Special care and attention are always included!

Classic Suite (24 sf)                                                 $28 per night

Day Boarding (no overnight) in suites only                   $15 per day

Deluxe Suite (35 sf)                                                 $35 per night

Luxury Suite (45 sf)                                                 $40 per night

Royal Suite (65 sf)                                                   $50 per night

Efficiency Boarding (6 sf plastic crate)                        $18 per night

Daycare for Boarding Dogs                                       $12 per day

Half Day Daycare for Boarding Dogs                           $8 per day

Multi-Pet Discount in Same Suite                                50% off

 Doggie Daycare

Daily Rate                                                             $22 per day

Half Day                                                               $15 per day

Bulk Passes:

10 Visit Pass (expires annually)                                   $208

20 Visit Pass (expires annually)                                  $405

50 Visit Pass (expires annually)                                  $990


Weekly Passes:

2 Visit Pass (expires weekly)                                      $41

3 Visit Pass (expires weekly)                                      $60

4 Visit Pass (expires weekly)                                      $78

5 Visit Pass (expires weekly)                                      $95

Unlimited Monthly Pass                                            $410


All styling prices are based on breed type, length of time for styling, approximate weight, and behavior of guests during the process. Our stylists can offer a free estimate of services, but final price can only be determined after the completion of services.

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